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26 April 2008 @ 09:53 pm
25 "Penelope" icons - I absolutely loved this film when it was released earlier this year and felt it was definitely iconable. I LOVED the styling of the film as well as the clothes - I even have the same green shoes - I'll try not to be smug.

Oh yes, we also have a new layout - the beautiful Rachel Weisz as Snow White is gracing loopyicons with her magical presence.


A fairytale like no other ...

Icon 1Icon 2Icon 3Icon 4Icon 5
Icon 6Icon 7Icon 8Icon 9Icon 10
Icon 11Icon 12Icon 13Icon 14Icon 15
Icon 16Icon 17Icon 18Icon 19Icon 20
Icon 21Icon 22Icon 23Icon 24Icon 25

All usual guides apply and any comments are always appreciated! Thanks :)

Music: A&E - goldfrapp
Jennijennil on October 28th, 2010 02:02 pm (UTC)
These icons are beautiful! I only just recently discovered this film, and love it. . . So forgive the super-late comment! ;)

By the way, you mention you have the shoes - I have been looking everywhere for shoes like that since I saw them in the movie! I know you said you got them at Schuh, but do you mind telling what brand they are? Are they just Schuh brand? (I wondered, because it looks like they carry more than one brand at that web site. . .) I know it's too late to find them new, but I thought I'd search the second-hand market. . . ;) Thanks!